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More hygienic, rice is washed thoroughly with the desired amount of water, and a more economical space-saving design!

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    • Rice rinsers

Overview of Products, Technologies, and Services

Electric rice washer is now available in a compact size.
This rice washer can be used safely even in places where the water volume is unstable.

Product Features

  • Thoroughly reinforced sanitation! The parts used in the rice washer have been thoroughly reviewed, and SUS304, which is durable and hygienic, is used for the piping. The hose is made of materials compliant with the Food Sanitation Law and RoHS2 amendment regulations. Two drainage valves have been added for easier drainage.
  • Adjustable water volume! A valve is used to adjust the water volume in consideration of the quality and quantity of rice.
  • More economical! Since water is circulated to wash rice, less water is needed to wash rice, and rice can be washed in only 2 minutes.
  • Space-saving design! W460 x D460 x H1180 mm, compact and space-saving.