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This oscillating mixer reproduces the movements of whipping by hand.

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Overview of Products, Technologies, and Services

[a Shaking mixer] to create a fine-textured dough by taking in fine air.
Mixing the dough evenly between the upper and lower parts of the bowl, the yield rate is improved and the finished dough floats well and sinks less.
It plays an active role in various manufacturing sites, including separate dough such as cream for sandwiches, castella dough, Dacquoise, and sponge dough.

Product Features

  • Finish the dough with a fine texture by mixing that takes in fine air.
  • Equivalent to confectioner`s work by automatic operation with inputting data.
  • A uniform mixing, Improved yield and uniform fabric.
  • SMi-30 is Manual type to adjust the swing angle of the whipper and position of the bowl.
  • SMi-50/90AS, fine-tuning operation such as Whipper swing angle and speed, bowl position,
    mixing time and pauses for adding ingredients are registered in the mixer while checking the state of the dough for each product in Automatic Mode.