FOOMA JAPAN 2024 -The World’s Leading Food Processing Expo

FOOMA JAPAN 2024 -世界最大规模的食品制造综合展览会

  • 1J-06
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Booth Highlights

Fog-no-Ikeuchi will exhibit and demonstrate spray nozzles specialized for cleaning various tanks and filling machines used in food manufacturing, and newly developed pulse spray nozzles for intermittent application of oil and seasonings. We will also exhibit nozzles for air blowing after cleaning and products for humidification and humidity control, and introduce our achievements in labor-saving and unmanned manufacturing processes.

Other Exhibits

The SR, RJ, and ES series, which rotate and clean the inside of the tank, and the SWB series, which do not rotate, will be exhibited. Demonstrations will be given of the SR series for "quick cleanup" and the RJ series for "stubborn stains" (tentative). Also, conical air nozzles will be exhibited and demonstrated.

About us

Main Company Products, Technologies, Services, etc.
Our two main businesses are the spray nozzle business, which performs industrial engineering, and the more specialized air conditioning, cooling, agrochemical, livestock breeding, landscape, and dust deposition businesses.
In the spray nozzle business, we provide engineering services for cleaning, cooling, humidifying, spraying, coating, and drying to industries, and respond to the needs of various industries, including production facilities and environmental equipment.
In other business areas, we are also developing our own unique engineering with fog generated by spray nozzles as our core technology.
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