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Automatic Filling Sealing Machine

  • Packaging and Filling
    • Bag-making and bag-loading equipment

Overview of Products, Technologies, and Services

10 stations of filling carousel, the maximum output is 60 packs per minute and with a full range of specifications.

Product Features

  • 10 s tations a t filling c arousel s ide a nd it is possible to handle special packaging forms such as flat bags, stand pack bags, and bags with zippers.
  • Compatible with bag widths of 80 mm to 230mm.By adopting the multi-stage sealing method,the reliability and stability of the bag mouth seal have been improved.
  • We have a liquid filling device and various filling nozzles that can handle various types of filling such as powder, liquid, viscous, and solid mixture.
  • The liquid filling device is easy to maintain such as disassembly and cleaning, and is hygienic.
  • The bag recycling system can reduce a loss of empty bags as usual.