FOOMA JAPAN 2024 -The World’s Leading Food Processing Expo

FOOMA JAPAN 2024 -世界最大规模的食品制造综合展览会

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Booth Highlights

① Vegetables wrapping machine has PAMS function. This is our own patented system which automatically measures the length of vegetables with varying lengths and wraps them at the optimal length of each vegetable.

② Flow wrapping machine C700B is compact, but has high performance with 3 servo motors.

③ A wrapping line of compact eg1, a collaborative robot and stand pack wrapping machine NSP-120: eg1 wraps items individually, and a collaborative robot puts several individually wrapped items together. After that, NSP-120 wraps multi-items in a bag.

About us

Main Company Products, Technologies, Services, etc.
Mainly, our customers are constituted based on three industry customers: Confectionery, Vegetables and Noodles industry. In addition, our wrapping machines have been used in a variety of industry for wrapping wet wipes, medical supplies, poultry and consumable products, etc. Recently, as the numbers of the our wrapping machines' users in vegetables industry have been increasing, we have been receiving high praise "POLYSTAR's vegetables wrapping machine is essential for us to wrap vegetables."
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