FOOMA JAPAN 2024 -The World’s Leading Food Processing Expo

FOOMA JAPAN 2024 -世界最大规模的食品制造综合展览会

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Booth Highlights

ERL-1301, having excellent versatility, operability, maintainability, and compactness, is one of Komack’s best-selling packaging machines for liquid, such as for small products, large products, and multi-row products. So it is a machine that is sure to be useful for the product development desired by customers.

KCL-1000 pursues cost performance compared to conventional form-fill-seal packaging machines. In addition, it is a compact model that saves space in terms of size. It has a function to manage multiple product information with data, and improves production efficiency by file management tailored to each product.

Other Exhibits

KP-505 is a variable-pitch automatic form-fill-seal packaging machine for powders. Its heating roll makes it possible to change the pitch of pouch making. In addition, by using the shutter chute mechanism, it is possible to reduce the biting of material in-between the sealed area and finish the products beautifully. High-speed filling can be supported with the shorter distance from the shutter chute to the heating roll.

1-row stick packaging machine for granules and powders with excellent versatility, operability, and maintainability

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