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Pipe Line Type Consecutive Boiling Pot MRK series

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ABV (Auto air Breed Valve) System Equipped.
Foam and air occurred in cooking are detected and removed automatically.

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    • Tofu-making equipment
    • Soymilk manufacturing systems

Overview of Products, Technologies, and Services

The uniform soy milk is discharged by controlling the situation of pushing ahead the slurry.
No necessary of setting the block plate in the boiler pot, which is highly washing.
Control rising the pressure inside the boiler pot and possible cooking in the low pressure.
Reduce the flash at the exit of pot and reduce spattering inside of the boiled slurry receiving tank.

Product Features

  • Out-standing washing by occurring the stormy stream inside the pipe of boiler pot. No necessary hand washing and soft for operator.
  • High concentration soy milk is extracted. Reliable heating and mixing even at high concentrations.
  • Supports non-additive antifoaming agent (option). Even without antifoaming agents, there is no unevenness in boiling.
  • Smoothing the circulation of slurry realizing quite operation. Not useless steam by efficient heat exchange.
  • Complete boiling, quick and uniform, at low pressure steam. The expand air and foam are detected by ABV system and are discharged at the same time.
    The high-quality boiled slurry without unevenness are extracted by discharging air and foam from the inside of the pot.