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Rotary feeder MF-10 type

This is an all-stainless steel powder/granular material (Okara etc.) transport device.

  • Food Materials Processing
    • Air-transfer equipment
  • Food Manufacturing,Processing,and Preparation ◎ Tofu
    • Soymilk manufacturing systems
  • Storage, Handling, and Logistics
    • Conveyance systems

Overview of Products, Technologies, and Services

Since it is made entirely of stainless steel, it will not deteriorate due to rust.
Improves equipment cleaning. Circulating cleaning is also available as an option.

Product Features

  • In the case of Ocala, it has a processing capacity of 600 kg per hour.
  • SUS304 is used as the material for all parts that come into contact with powder and granular materials (such as okara).
  • The blades rotate inside the rotary feeder to transport powder and granular materials (such as okara). The driving power is AC200V, which is 0.4kw.