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All-in-one soy milk plant MTS90-AP1 type

All-in-one soy milk plant that compactly integrates a grinder, boiling pot, and vertical squeezer

  • Food Manufacturing,Processing,and Preparation ◎ Tofu
    • Tofu-making equipment
    • Soymilk manufacturing systems

Overview of Products, Technologies, and Services

Easy production by simply adding soaked soybeans and pressing start. Easy cleaning by simply setting the touch panel to cleaning mode and pressing start.
We have developed an all-in-one soy milk plant that has everything in one meter square. This is a full-fledged soy milk plant that can produce soy milk without adding antifoaming agents as an option.

Product Features

  • Set the soy milk concentration using the touch panel.
  • Water addition can be reliably measured using the built-in electromagnetic flow meter.
  • Eliminating the slurry tank reduces the risk of foreign matter contamination.
  • We have reduced the number of areas that require hand washing to a minimum.
  • As an option, it is possible to produce soymilk without adding antifoaming agents.