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Vibrating sieve machine with ultrasonic transmitter

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Vibrating sieve machine with ultrasonic transmitter!
It is effective in sorting micron units and is ideal for sieving powder and granular materials of 100μ or less.

  • Food Materials Processing
    • Sifters, sieves

Overview of Products, Technologies, and Services

Tapping rubber is not required, helping to avoid contamination.
Designed to withstand long-term use with improved maintainability.
The ultrasonic waves generated by the oscillator pass through a resonance ring installed on the screen of the sieving machine, and the micro vibration waves are efficiently transmitted to the entire surface of the screen.
With these features, the vibrating sieve with ultrasonic transmitter can increase the powder throughput and improve the efficiency of fine mesh sieving.
It is especially effective for powders with particle sizes from 20 microns to 600 microns.

Product Features

  • ①Ultrasonic transmitter standards
    Power supply: 220V (50/60Hz)
    Power consumption: 1A (maximum)
    Output frequency: 36K Hz
    Body size: 165x230x400mm

    ②Operation mode
    Automatic continuous/indirect pulse

    ③Net size
    Compatible with Φ450~1200mm (SUS304/SUS316)

    ④Ultrasonic resonator
    M20xΦ60mmxH70mm (SUS304/SUS316)

    ⑤Recommended treatment range: 250um~15um

    ⑥ Ultrasonic net shelf design
    1, resonator facing upward
    2. Resonator facing downward (special order)