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Lightweight stainless steel container

  • New Product

Stainless steel container with both high ventilation and durability!

  • Storage, Handling, and Logistics
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Overview of Products, Technologies, and Services

Ideal for storing, transporting, and cleaning vegetables.
If they are from the same series, they can be stored in sets of 3 and transported at once.
The stepped part on the bottom fits the top of the container below, giving it a sense of stability when stacked.

Product Features

  • The numerous holes placed on the sides and bottom of the container provide high ventilation, making it ideal for transporting and temporarily storing wet vegetables, etc.
    We offer three types with different ventilation hole placements to suit your needs.
  • You can carry multiple empty containers with one hand.
    One container can fit inside two containers, so up to three empty containers can be carried with one hand.
  • Ideal for storing, transporting, and cleaning vegetables.
    Four units can be loaded side by side on the bed of a light truck.