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Piston type nappe machine

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Automate nappe work for hole cakes and ice cakes. There is an advantage of saving labor by automating manual nappe work.

Application:Round sponge cake and
ice cake nappe work

  • Food Manufacturing,Processing,and Preparation ◎ Baked Goods and Confectionery
    • Cake-making conveyor lines

Overview of Products, Technologies, and Services

Because of the piston structure, there is no damage to the cream.
Nappe is possible even for creams with low specific gravity.
4 to 8 can be selected.
The dome shape can be supported by changing the nozzle.
Less cream is used compared to manual work.
The table moves in parallel and applies cream, so the finish is very beautiful.

Product Features

  • Decomposable with simple structure · Easy assembly
  • The amount adjustment can be easily operated with the touch panel.
  • Hygienic with all stainless steel