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It is an environmentally friendly heat treatment equipment with "zero" CO2 emissions.
Since no combustion exhaust heat is emitted, indoor temperature rises are suppressed and a clean working environment is achieved.

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    • Bean roasters

Overview of Products, Technologies, and Services

This is a continuous rotary kiln that uses both an IH heated rotary kiln and IH heated superheated steam to sterilize, dry, roast, and puff coffee beans, sesame seeds, nuts, tea leaves, etc.
By using superheated steam, heat treatment can be performed inside the kiln in an atmosphere that is close to an oxygen-free condition, which has an antioxidant effect and prevents fire accidents caused by leaching oil.

Product Features

  • Compared to gas heating, because of IH heating, heating control can be set finely in 1℃ increments, making temperature control accurate and easy.
  • It has a high thermal efficiency of approximately 90% or more, making it possible to reduce the deterioration of the working environment due to waste heat and reduce the load on exhaust equipment.
  • Since no fire is used, there is almost no possibility of incomplete combustion or ignition accidents. You can use it safely and with peace of mind.
  • CO2 emissions are "zero". It is an environmentally friendly machine.
  • The drum is equipped with multiple removable radial-shaped baffle plates, which improve particle dispersion and increase the heat treatment rate, allowing for even heat treatment.