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Liquid automatic measuring device "Recipe"

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Eliminates common problems in the measuring process such as ``mismeasurement'', ``forgetting to add'', and ``doing twice'' with liquid seasonings.
Automatic weighing can save time and effort, and you can collect and manage weighing data using EXCEL.

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Overview of Products, Technologies, and Services

As with measuring powder raw materials, this eliminates measurement errors caused by human error and contributes to labor and labor savings.
It is easy and hygienic because it directly sucks up and measures several types of liquid seasonings without having to transfer containers.

Product Features

  • Automatic weighing saves labor and eliminates weighing errors.
  • By registering the formulation data only at the beginning, there is no need to perform troublesome formulation calculations every time.
  • Since the liquid is sucked up directly from the container and measured, there is no need for a hopper, and of course there is no need to transfer or clean the hopper.
  • You can check the weighing history and maintenance period, and also collect and manage weighing data.
  • Easy to operate. The large touch panel screen makes it easy to read.


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