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A highly reliable liquid container with double safety design. The KCC type container, which realizes safety, cleanliness, and easy operation, strongly supports customers' liquid logistics.

  • Storage, Handling, and Logistics
    • Containers

Overview of Products, Technologies, and Services

It adopts a double safety design that combines a medium density polyethylene tank and a steel container exterior to ensure the safety and economic efficiency of liquid transportation. In addition, there is no need to worry about residual liquid accumulating on the bottom due to the tapered bottom discharge method.

Product Features

  • Container logistics services will further promote sales in the era of high-mix low-volume production and high-frequency, low-volume transportation.
  • For the outer frame, we have prepared a high-rigidity metal frame: a reinforced general structural rigid plate zinc soaked plated frame and a SUS frame.
  • The tank part is a thick Engel molding: molded for long-term transportation.
  • The inner bag of the plastic bag saves the trouble of cleaning.
    By setting the inner polyethylene bag in the tank, the contents do not stick to the inner wall, making the cleaning work of the container much easier. It is also used to prevent film formation on the liquid surface.