FOOMA JAPAN 2024 -The World’s Leading Food Processing Expo

FOOMA JAPAN 2024 -世界最大规模的食品制造综合展览会

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The problem of insects and rodents in factories is becoming more important every day.
It is extremely important to detect insect and rodent infestation as soon as possible and take countermeasures.
Our “Pest Vision” has realized “real-time” and “remote” monitoring, which was difficult to achieve with conventional insect control methods!
Experience the world's top level AI and IoT monitoring!

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Main Company Products, Technologies, Services, etc.
Our company started as a manufacturer of sprayers and now wholesales insect control equipment and chemicals throughout Japan, including to insect control specialists.
In addition to wholesaling, we also focus on developing our own products, one of which is “Pest Vision,” which we are exhibiting here.
We have a lineup of products not only for monitoring but also for countermeasures, so please feel free to ask us any questions or concerns you may have.
Our insect professionals will be happy to answer your questions!
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PestVision Solutions

PestVision Solutions

1-26-5, Kawanishi-cho, Takatsuki City, Osaka-Pref., 569-1133, JAPAN

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