FOOMA JAPAN 2024 -The World’s Leading Food Processing Expo

FOOMA JAPAN 2024 -世界最大规模的食品制造综合展览会

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The core technologies that Kawata has accumulated over time are ``mixing,'' ``conveying,'' ``weighing,'' ``drying,'' and ``temperature control.'' By further evolving these, we are proposing unique solutions for food manufacturing and raw material processing.
This time, we will focus on "mixing" and will be exhibiting the "SUPERMIXER" SMV-Ba series, a high-speed fluid mixer that enables uniform mixing in a short time. We will also display our original designed stirring blades, and provide optimal proposals that take into consideration your concerns and material properties. Please contact us by all means once.

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In the food-related industry, our "mixing" equipment has been used for many years. Our main product mixer "SUPERMIXER", comes in a wide range of sizes from 20L to 1000L, and can achieve uniform mixing in a short time by combining originally designed stirring blades according to the properties of the materials and your requests.At our technical center in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture, we have a permanent test area for various types of equipment, and even if you have a problem with the material, we repeat planning, testing, and verification to propose solutions. In particular, we offer super mixers up to 500L, allowing testing in conditions closer to actual production lines. Please contact us.
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