Exhibition Requirements

Products, technologies, and services from all fields of food manufacturing are eligible for exhibits.

Exhibit Fields

Food Materials Processing

Mixers, Blenders, Kneading mixers, Hammer mills, Sorters, Granulators, Sifters, Sieves, Dryers, Germicidal equipment, Heat exchangers, Dewatering equipment, Kneaders, Homogenizers, Bag openers

Food Manufacturing, Processing, and Preparation

Baked Goods and Confectionery

Ovens, Mixers, Burners, Molders, Depositors, Dough conditioners, Steamers, Equipment for making and packaging azuki bean-jam products, Coating equipment, Tempering equipment, Slicers, Bread-making lines

Meats and Seafood

Slicers, Cutters, Choppers, Dicers, Tenderizers, Mixers, Molders, Sausage and ham fillers, Hamburger molders, Injectors, Stuffers, Tumblers, Fish-processing equipment, Smoking equipment, Ripening chambers

Noodles and Pasta

Noodle-making equipment, Instant noodle manufacturing systems, Pasta-making equipment, Equipment for making dumplings, Boilers

Deli and Prepared Foods

Ovens, Fryers, Pan fryers, Roasters, Steamers, Burners, Hot blenders, Rice cookers, Molders, Flouring equipment, Sushi makers, Rice-ball molders

Beverages and Dairy Products

Beverage manufacturing systems, Filtering equipment, Fruit juice processing equipment, Juicers, Filling equipment, Juice-sterilizing equipment, Concentrators, Emulsifiers

Agricultural Produce

Vegetable and fruit washers, Rice polishers, Rice rinsers, Cutters, Slicers, Root-vegetable choppers, Peelers, Corers, Sorters, Equipment for removing foreign objects


Tofu manufacturing systems, Soymilk manufacturing systems, Deodorizers, Fryers, Equipment for making deep-fried tofu slices, Equipment for making yuba (tofu skin), Equipment for making grilled tofu, Tofu molds, Natto processing equipment

Fermented and Distilled Products

Distillation equipment, Compressors, Homogenizers, Emulsifiers, Fermentation tanks, Fermentation room, Equipment for making koji (malted rice)

Other Foods

Egg-breaking equipment, Boiled-egg shellers, Oil filter, Oil coating equipment, Food printers, High pressure processing equipment


Plant design, Equipment engineering, HACCP control, Plant factories, RFID, Traceability systems

Robots, IT, IoT, and Food Tech

Picking robots, Palletizing robots, Collaborative robots, Autonomous mobile robots, Robotic arms and hands, System controllers, IO-Link, AI, IoT/M2M, Software systems for food-processing plants, System integrations, Smart kitchen, Kitchen OS, Food loss system, Alternative food technology, Food data

Quality Maintenance

Precooling equipment, Cooling and freezing equipment, Freezing equipment, Defreezing equipment, Chillers, Cold-storage equipment, Storage equipment, Ultraviolet and ozone applied equipment, Germicidal equipment, Sterilizing equipment, Air conditioning unit

Packaging and Filling

Packaging equipment, Filling equipment, Counters, Scales, Binders, Sealer, Ink-jet printers, Other printers, Labelers, Packaging materials

Storage, Handling, and Logistics

Containers, Conveyors, Belts, Chains, Lifts, Sorters, Conveyance systems, Hoses, Pumps, Tanks

Measurement, Analysis, and Inspection

Measurement equipment, Analyzers, Inspection equipment, Detectors, Test equipment, Image processing equipment, Sensors, Foreign-object detectors, Removal equipment


Facility cleaning equipment, Vessel-cleaning equipment, Utensil-cleaning equipment, Functional water-supply equipment, Clean rooms, Sheet shutters, Uniforms, Equipment for detecting and removing foreign material, Insect-repellent equipment, Cleansers, Hygienic materials and equipment

Environmental Protection, Energy Saving and Recycling

Drainage-processing equipment and technology, Energy-efficiency systems, Processing equipment for food waste, Energy saving equipment and facility, Energy saving technology, Energy saving solution, Composting equipment and systems, Dryers, Recycling equipment, Compactors, Sludge-processing equipment and technology

Equipment and Components

Boilers, Valves, Couplings, Nozzles, Tanks, Hoses, Motors, Lubricants, Additives, Hot air generating equipment, Membranes and membrane-application equipment, Filters, Flooring materials, Surveillance camera, LED illumination

Consulting and Intellectual Property

Product development, Hygiene control, Food-processing facilities, Food-product indications, Quality indications, HACCP, Waste disposal, Food safety, Distribution of energy and patent information, Patent transfer, Latest patent disclosure

Information Services and Industry Organizations

Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Videos, Surveys, Research, and testing, Industry organizations, National government agencies, and local governments

Exhibitor Application

FOOMA JAPAN 2024 booth types

Choose your booth type from Type A (1 unit) to Type G (9 units).

Type Unit(s)* Aisle side Depth Booth fee (Including 10% Sales tax)
A 1 2.970m × 2.475m ¥327,800
B 2 5.940m × 2.475m ¥655,600
D 4 5.940m × 4.950m ¥1,311,200
E 6 8.910m × 4.950m ¥1,966,800
G 9 8.910m × 7.425m ¥2,950,200

*The unit is a unit of exhibition space scale which consists of Type A (about 7.5m2) as one unit.

Exhibit applications

1. How to apply

Please contact the Secretariat through the contact form to request the application package.

2. Closing date for applications

See below for the exhibit applications closing date. Exhibit applications are not processed on a first-come first-served basis. Please use the application form to apply by the closing date.

Closing date for applications
Post marked no later than (Friday) October 27, 2023

Exhibit fee payment deadline

(Wednesday) January 31, 2024

Please download the Exhibit Requirements
regarding the details.

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