Chairperson Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers’ Association  Eiichi Umiuchi

I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to everyone who is affected by the spread of the COVID-19. I sincerely hope that the situation will settle down as soon as possible, and that everyone will be in good health.

The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association aims to contribute to the development of food machinery technology and improve the lives of people, and has carried out and developed various activities to date. The project at the root of its activities is one of Asia’s largest “Food Technology” combined trade shows: FOOMA JAPAN (International Food Machinery &Technology Exhibition). FOOMA JAPAN 2020, scheduled to take place last year, was forced to be cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19. This year, FOOMA JAPAN 2021 will be held over the four days from Tuesday, June 1 through Friday, June 4 at Aichi Sky Expo, the newest international exhibition center in Japan. There will be thorough COVID-19 prevention measures in place to ensure the safety and security of our visitors.

FOOMA JAPAN 2021 will be held with the theme “Ideas Change the Future of Food.” In recent times, the environment surrounding food has become complex with the importance of food safety and security, advancing consumer needs towards diversity and sophistication, and labor shortages in the fields of manufacture and processing. In these times of living with COVID-19, on top of those are also the pressing issues of automation and labor-saving. In an age of change and demands, as well as the international requirement for the improvement of hygiene, we intend to respond appropriately by announcing cutting-edge products, technologies and services, and to make it an opportunity to solve the diverse issues felt by everyone in the user industries.

Leaving the COVID-19 pandemic behind, the global economy, with this as the year of the Great Reset, will begin to proceed towards a new style of living. FOOMA JAPAN 2021 also responds to the signs of the times, and will offer technology and ideas to change the future of food. We very much look forward to your visit.

Chairperson FOOMA JAPAN 2021 Exhibition Committee  Shoji Miyajima

I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to all those, including those caring for others, who are affected by the spread of the COVID-19 in Japan.

FOOMA JAPAN has continued to develop into its 44th year as the combined trade show “Food Technology”, bringing together all aspects of “food” in a unique event. “Aichi Sky Expo”, the venue for 2021, is Japan’s newest exhibition center equipped with a cutting-edge communication environment. In an internal area the same size as all of Tokyo Big Sight’s East Exhibition Halls put together, more than 690 exhibitors will present their countless bold efforts in new technology and new product development - nurtured and honed - to all those from the user industries.

It will be held on the theme of “Ideas Change the Future of Food.” In addition to presenting the latest technology bringing high quality, high added value and efficiency sought by the food manufacturing industry as a whole, it imagines the food scene of the future using the Japanese technology, envied by the world, of engineering robots, AI, IoT etc. By striving to secure exhibits that will be the starting point for new concepts, we are certain this will help us grasp the style of living of the future and contribute largely to further activity in business.

Also, since FOOMA JAPAN 2021 will be held at Aichi Sky Expo, located in the center of Japan, we have received entries from numerous exhibitors from the Chubu-Tokai and Kansai regions too, including locally in Aichi. There are also new projects in collaboration with the local area, and a B-to-B trade fair “Food Trade Fair in Chita Peninsula” will be held, organized by Aichi International Convention & Exhibition Center (Co., Ltd.) and The Tokoname Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
In conjunction with the traditional symposiums and seminars, we will hold a “FOOMA Special Seminar” as a way to solving issues, and we will continue to encourage further development in the food-related industries.

Aichi Sky Expo has a direct connection from Chubu Centrair International Airport, and is also favored with access from all over Japan. I hope very much that you are looking forward to FOOMA JAPAN 2021, and that we will see you there.