The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association (FOOMA) was established in 1948 and received recognition as a corporation in March of 1967. FOOMA is the sole representative in the world of Japanese food machinery makers as a general organization.
At present FOOMA has 450 or more member companies.
As a public service corporation, we have made the most of our abilities. While we have kept an eye on any and every new theme that has come up in the world of food processing, we have positively been developing to focus on the expansion and the growth of all food business areas.
We are proud of what we have accomplished here in Japan and in the world with our food processing machinery,which excels in the use of technological expertise and production skills.
FOOMA has brought all of these advantages together to bring about a solid culinary culture in Asia as well as the rest of the world through food processing machinery. This machinery will help to build a new "world of food" for all of us.

The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association (Abbreviated name: FOOMA) Moreover, the pet name of the international food machinery exhibition which FOOMA sponsors is FOOMA JAPAN

Fooma Bldg.3-19-20 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0023 JAPAN MAP

April 20, 1948

FOOMA starts in the "national food machine manufacturer round-table conference" establishment in 1948, is approved as 1954 "a Japanese food machine industry meeting", renaming, and 1967 corporation, and has resulted to the present name five years [ the ] after by the end of change and today.

FOOMA aims at contributing to development of food machine industry, and the improvement in the life of the people through the enterprise promotion of investigation research, information gathering and offer, standardization, safety, health-izing, etc., etc. about a food machine

The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association