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Saniline - Sanitary Food Grade design for HACCP/HARPC compliance
Saniline washdown stainless ball bearing units are designed for the future of food safety. New Product New release in FOOMA JAPAN
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COC 100% stainless steel washdown ball bearing units have achieved IP69K certification and our relubrication-free solution for food safety programs. Our new concentric OCCLOC™, 8 slot locking system doesn’t damage shafting and is easy to mount and dismount.
Our stand-off housings allow for clean-in-place (CIP) operation. They have mostly 1/2″ stand-off clearance to meet HACCP/HARPC compliance.

Theme The first product in Japan / The first product in the world / Popular overseas / Productivity improvement / Safety measures / HACCP

Category Packaging and Filling / Storage, Handling, and Logistics / Hygiene / Equipment and Components

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Main Products 100% stainless steel sanitary food grade ball bearing units for HACCP/HARPC compliance.
Spherical roller bearing units with innovative new designs and features to handle the power transmission need.
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