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Breakthrough FOOMAMaking FOOMA the Cream of the Crop

FOOMA JAPAN is the one and only place where people can discover
the ideals of the food manufacturing industry.
The expectations from the food industry,
which is in a period of transformation,
continue to grow.
Nothing epitomizes FOOMA JAPAN,
one of the world's largest comprehensive food processing technology exhibitions,
like the fact that more than 100,000 people
from all types of businesses involved in the food industry attend,
as well as the overwhelming number of solutions created
by the approximately 1,000 companies that host exhibitions.
The theme for FOOMA JAPAN 2024 is
“Breakthrough FOOMA.”
Making FOOMA the Cream of the Crop

Organizer's Message

Yukio Okawara

The Japan Food Machinery
Manufacturers’ Association

The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association has contributed to the development of the food machinery industry throughout the years. Among its initiatives, its most significant project has been FOOMA JAPAN.
 FOOMA JAPAN 2024, the exhibition’s 47th iteration, will be held at Tokyo Big Sight for four days from June 4 (Tue.) to June 7 (Fri.), 2024, based on the theme of "Breakthrough FOOMA."
 The food industry faces a variety of social issues besides providing food safety and security, such as reducing plastic waste, addressing a deepening labor shortage, and meeting consumers’ diverse needs. For the food machinery industry to maintain a sustainable industrial base, it is essential to accurately capture the trends in the industry and play a role in enriching food life and reducing environmental impact, all while meeting the needs of food production sites, which include automation, labor-saving measures, and cost reduction. The theme of the event embodies a determination that FOOMA JAPAN, having had a breakthrough after building on its achievements thus far, will lead exhibitors to even greater success.
 In this exhibition, we will maintain a focus on food safety and security. Along with exhibiting cutting-edge technologies such as robots and AI that realize automation and labor-saving, as well as the latest products and services, we will continue to strive for the realization of a sustainable society. We, the organizers, intend to further contribute to the development of the food machinery industry and to make this event a starting point for exhibitors' breakthroughs, with even more dedication than before.
 As our comprehensive food manufacturing exhibition gains ever-increasing attention both domestically and internationally, we look forward to having many participants join us as FOOMA JAPAN 2024 carries on the exhibition’s bold legacy.

Tsuneyuki Minami

Exhibition Committee

FOOMA JAPAN 2023 resolved a diverse array of challenges faced by the food industry and boosted business matchmaking for exhibiting companies. With nearly 1,000 exhibitors, a record number, competing with each other to provide superior solutions to over 100,000 visitors, we were able to receive high praise as a world-renowned general food manufacturing exhibition.
 The upcoming FOOMA JAPAN 2024, which will be held under the theme of “Breakthrough FOOMA”, will start off from the lofty, uncontested heights attained by FOOMA JAPAN in an effort to maximize the value the exhibition offers.
 Having relaunched in 2022 as an innovative exhibition providing the world’s best food manufacturing solutions, and after boosting exhibiting companies’ business matchmaking in 2023, FOOMA JAPAN aims to become the undisputed champion of general food manufacturing exhibitions. In 2024, with FOOMA JAPAN as a platform pushing forward into new dimensions, our primary mission is to help exhibitors and the food industry to strive for ever-greater heights and attain significant success.
 Because FOOMA JAPAN has the ability to provide exhibition value that is directly linked to business opportunities, as well as to secure the best outcomes, we will work hard to advance the exhibition’s DX transformation, enhance consultation services for food manufacturing automation, and assiduously promote the business matchmaking that exhibiting companies expect.
 At this exhibition, we will do our utmost to fulfill our responsibilities and ensure that everyone can get the most out of their attendance.

Exhibit Effectiveness

Every year around 100,000 visitors come to FOOMA JAPAN, an event which offers all manner of solutions related to food manufacturing.
We’ve taken several measures that lead directly to new customer acquisition and increased sales while also providing programs that help further accelerate improved business performance.

All kinds of food manufacturing businesses participate, which directly facilitate business matchmaking!

Over 100,000 visitors attend the event. This is an exceptional opportunity to acquire new customers!

We boast an overwhelming number of quality visitors

Significant attendance from major large-scale enterprises

A wide range of visitor professions

* Source: Visitors responses to FOOMA JAPAN 2023 questionnaire.

High levels of exhibitor satisfaction

* Source: Exhibitors responses to FOOMA JAPAN 2023 questionnaire.

Initiatives for maximizing the value of FOOMA JAPAN exhibitions

The FOOMA Award 2024 honors exceptional research and development among exhibited products
The 3rd FOOMA Award 2024
  • Excellent PR thanks to media exposure, and the number of product submissions increases year after year.
  • Award-winning equipment is displayed at individual company booths, facilitating business discussions with users.
Secure a food industry breakthrough!
Startup Zone
  • Intense interest from the food industry in seeking seeds for future business, including cutting-edge research, SDGs, and food tech
  • Links startups with partners for collaboration and cooperation, enhancing business opportunities.

DX Exhibition

Embracing the digital transformation of the exhibition promotes business matchmaking using IT


Food machinery manufacturers and users can easily find each other through the food manufacturing automation consultation service


  • Automation professionals hear from food factories facing issues and link them with exhibiting companies who are likely to have potential solutions.

The service automates opportunity acquisition and information exchange with visitors

FOOMA Collect

  • Visitor information gathered via smartphones. Information exchange between booth staff and visitors is digitized, supporting business matchmaking by transmitting product catalog data, analyzing customer trends, and so on.

Remote booth visits made possible even from far-off locations

Exhibition Booth 360˚ Virtual Tour

  • Exhibition booths open to the public on the official website from the first day of the event.
  • View 360° booth streams via PC or smartphone.
  • Business matchmaking enabled for those unable to attend in person.

The app helps maximize points of contact between exhibitors and visitors


  • Exhibitors can connect with many prospective customers before the exhibition.
  • Visitors can access exhibitor & product information and watch product videos via the app, thus increasing points of contact.
  • FOOMAP, used to register and display one’s favorite booths, provides effective guidance for visitors.

Archived seminars after the events are highly effective in acquiring new customers!

Exhibitor Presentation Seminars

  • Make direct presentations to prospective customers interested in the latest products and solutions.
  • Present information difficult to convey within the booth, leading to new business opportunities.
  • Combining archive seminars with in-person sessions at the venue enables the possibility of continuing to capture numerous leads even after the event has ended.

OutlineFOOMA JAPAN in brief

Objective To promote the exchange and dissemination of technology and information related to food machinery, equipment, and related devices, as well as to contribute to the further development of the food industry. With the growing interest in "food safety and security," a "prosperous future pioneered by food technology" is proposed through cutting-edge food machinery technologies, products, and services.
Date June 4 (Tues.) to 7 (Fri.), 2024
Time 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Venue Tokyo Big Sight (East Hall 1-8)
Theme Breakthrough FOOMA
Organizer The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers’ Association

[Venue] Tokyo Big Sight
/ East Hall 1-8 Map

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