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Booth Highlights

【Variety of packaging styles of VFFS machines】
”Wide-top bag by paper material” will be demonstrated that is the collaboration with Ajinomoto Co.,Inc. and won the award “WorldStar2023”. The unique bag style of “Chained quattro-pack” and “Pocket-zip” will also be demonstrated.
【Packaging line systems】
To meet the customer’s needs, we demonstrate two types of system: Fully automation line consisted of VFFS machine + parallel robot caser + Collaborative Robot and semi-automatic caser line.
【Gift box overwrapping machine】
The demand increasing Paper overwrapping machine for gift box will be shown.

About Us

Main Company Products Technology, Services, etc. Since our establishment in 1949, for 74 years we have provided our packaging machines and production machines. With our long-year experiences and technology, we have been working passionately for the new packaging style and the development of new technology to respond the customer’s need. These days, to solve the issue of labor shortage, we utilize the industrial robot and offer suitable automation and labor-saving system. We are working actively for the environmental issues through the development of the machine with eco-friendly paper material and 40 years of our recycling business.
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