Product Information

Automatic feeding system

Collaboration between cooperative robots and semi-automatic Dataweigh™TSD-N3 for manpower saving.

New Products

Overview of Products, Technologies, and Services

Towards manpower saving

Significant manpower and labour savings can be achieved by entrusting the feeding operation to the collaborative robot Foodly™ and the weighing operation to the Semi-automatic Dataweigh™ TSD-N3™ .

Product Features

Feature 1 Innovative manpower savings.
Feature 2 Yamato Scale's semi-automatic weighing machine TSD-N3™ allows weighing by simply loading the optimum product. It instantly determines the combination and discharges the product via a conveyor. The loading operation is carried out by RT's humanoid cooperative robot. The introduction of both products will enable the food manufacturing industry to improve productivity, save labour and reduce manpower on the total line.
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