from June 9 Tues. through June 12 Fri., 2015, at Tokyo Big Sight 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Message from the Chairman

On the Convening of FOOMA JAPAN 2015

Takashi Hayashi, Chairman, Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association

We at the Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association take pride in convening FOOMA JAPAN 2015 from Tuesday, June 9, to Friday, June 12, at Tokyo Big Sight. The theme for the event, which will be the 38th FOOMA JAPAN exhibition, is Discovery! The Continuing Evolution of Food.

Our association undertakes diverse activities to promote advances in the food machinery industry and in the quality of life. The FOOMA JAPAN exhibition is the annual highlight of those activities. And FOOMA JAPAN 2015 will highlight advances across a full spectrum of food machinery and related products and services.

Food shapes lifestyles, as well as underlying health. It accounts for an important facet of culture and figures profoundly in measures for conserving energy and for safeguarding the environment. Lasting vitality for our industry depends on continuing to evolve and on continuing to deliver new kinds of value. That means accommodating changing lifestyles while maintaining rigorous standards for food safety. The leading-edge products, technologies, and services on display at FOOMA 2015 will unveil exciting new possibilities for addressing those challenges.

Exhibitors and visitors at FOOMA JAPAN 2015 will enjoy a wealth of opportunities to cultivate business. Once again, we will provide ample space for international business interchange by securing Tokyo Big Sight's voluminous East exhibition hall for our event. I look forward to seeing you there!

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