from June 9 Tues. through June 12 Fri., 2015, at Tokyo Big Sight 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Guide of Exhibition

Globally Accommodating

FOOMA JAPAN 2015 has many services to welcome international visitors for their comfortable and valuable stay.

Registration Desk for International Visitors

FOOMA JAPAN 2015 equips assigned Registration Desks for international visitors for their smooth visitor registrations without waiting.
Bilingual staffs with English, Korean and Chinese are available.

International Lounge

FOOMA JAPAN's International Lounge is a conducive environment for business talks, as well as an amenable setting for simply relaxing. Interpreting services are available free of charge, as are beer, soft drinks, and snacks.

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International Lounge

Information Desk

FOOMA JAPAN sets up an Information Desk in front of East Hall 4.
The Information Desk is a great informative spot for visitors.
A large English booth map is equipped at the desk, as well as product search computers by categories.
Those items may help visitors to make plans visiting exhibitor booths.
Bilingual staffs with English, Korean and Chinese are ready for assisting international visitors.
Please feel free to ask any questions regarding exhibit products or the trade show etc.

Bilingual Badges

Exhibitors who can speak other languages wear bilingual badges.
Talk to them in English, Korean or Chinese when you have questions on their exhibit products or services.

Bilingual Badges

Official Guidebook in English

English guidebooks with exhibitors' information and exhibit products are provided free of charge.
They are convenient to search for machines by categories and product names.

International Lounge

Free Wifi Spot for FOOMA JAPAN Visitors

FOOMA JAPAN offers free Wifi to visitors near the Information Desk in front of East Hall 4.

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Booking Hotels in Tokyo

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