from July 9 Tues. through July 12 Fri., 2019, at Tokyo Big Sight 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Fumiharu Masuda : Chairperson FOOMA JAPAN 2019 Exhibition Committee

The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association undertakes diverse activities for the purpose of contributing to progress in the food machinery industry and to improvements in the lives of the people of Japan. The biggest of those undertakings is FOOMA JAPAN. The venue for FOOMA JAPAN 2019, the 42nd convening of the exhibition, will switch to the West and South Exhibition Halls at Tokyo Big Sight. That is to accommodate preparations for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, and the exhibition will take place over a four-day schedule, from July 9 (Tuesday) to 12 (Friday).

On display will be leading-edge products, technologies, and services that only Japan could create. The exhibits will highlight advances in achieving labor savings, personnel reductions, automation for addressing labor shortages, and other advances while maintaining safety and peace of mind in connection with food. Through the exhibits, we intend to highlight solutions for the diverse issues faced by members of the food-processing industry and to contribute to further progress in the food-processing industry overall.

We look forward to welcoming numerous participants to FOOMA JAPAN 2019, which will bring together all phases of food manufacturing processing.

Fumiharu Masuda : Chairperson FOOMA JAPAN 2019 Exhibition Committee

FOOMA JAPAN boasts a large scale of some 100,000 visitors and has earned high regard from exhibitors for contributing to highly successful negotiations and new-customer development.

We will change the FOOMA JAPAN venue in 2019 to the West and South Exhibition Halls at Tokyo Big Sight on account of preparations under way for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. We will strive as the organizer, however, to accommodate as many exhibitors as possible.

FOOMA JAPAN has generated solid results as a comprehensive trade show devoted to food technology. We encourage exhibitors to bring a proactive approach to their exhibits and to make the most of this opportunity for announcing the latest products and services and for translating those announcements into sales.

FOOMA JAPAN 2019 will take place on the eve of an event that will focus global attention on Japan and will present food technologies of interest to people worldwide. We are confident that it will lend impetus to exhibitors' progress in cultivating markets overseas. We will work harder than ever to fulfill our responsibility to attract exhibitors and to help the exhibitors secure satisfactory business results.

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