Guide of Exhibition

Exhibiting at FOOMA JAPAN

Exhibition Fees

Standard booth unit(3 meters by 3 meters)

Basic fee ¥310,000
5% sales tax ¥15,500
Bank fees * ¥5,000
Total ¥330,500

*Instruct your bank to deduct any service fees from the total.

The fees include basic lighting and power (100 volts, 0.3 kilowatts) for each booth. The exhibitors are responsible for the cost of any additional displays or decorations that they choose to employ.

Corner Booths

  • Limited numbers of corner booths are available in sizes of 2 to 5 units. An additional charge of ¥52,500, tax included,applies to corner booths.
  • The ¥52,500 amount is a uniform charge for all small corner booths, whether, 2, 3, 4, or 5 units.
  • The secretariat will determine the corner-booth positioning in or after mid-February 2012 and will bill exhibitors for the additional corner-booth fee subsequently.
  • The corner-booth configuration is unavailable for single-unit booths.
  • For applications that do not specify a corner-booth configuration, the secretariat will determine the positioning in accordance with booth size, application sequence, and other considerations.

Booth Configurations

  • Single-row booths


  • Double-row booths


  • Triple-row booths


  • Four-row booths


  • Five-row booths


  • Island booths


*The island booth dimensions are subject to adjustment as conditions might warrant.

The organizer will allot booth positions on the basis of booth content and size in the context of the overall zoning plan. Detailed information, including items not covered here, will appear in the exhibitors manual.

Submitting Your Application

Complete the application form and submit it to the FOOMA JAPAN secretariat by December 15 (Thursday), 2011.The booth fee is payable in yen by bank transfer to the account detailed below and is due by January 31 (Tuesday), 2012. On acceptance of the application and receipt of payment, the secretariat will mail a receipt to the applicant.

Account name

The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers, Association

Account number

Ordinary account #795164


Mizuho Bank, Shimbashi Branch

Cancellation Policy

  Penalty (percentage of exhibition fee)
By December 15, 2011 50%
December 16, 2011 to January 31, 2012 70%
On or after February 1, 2012 100%