Guide of Exhibition

Advantages for Exhibitors

FOOMA JAPAN ranks among Asia’s largest trade shows centered on food machinery.
It encompasses products, technologies, and services that span the full spectrum of food manufacturing and processing, from raw materials processing to distribution.

Immense Scale

Numerous exhibitors

The exhibitors at FOOMA JAPAN 2011 numbered 645 companies and organizations, including 124 first-time exhibitors. They presented their products, technologies, and services in booths that comprised 2,783 units, including 312 units occupied by first-time exhibitors’ booths. The exhibition thus continued to attract a full complement of exhibitors even though it took place just three months after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Numerous exhibitors

A vast range of exhibits

FOOMA JAPAN exhibits span a comprehensive range of food manufacturing and processing, from upstream processes to downstream processes. The presence of exhibitors and visitors from diverse sectors yields abundant opportunities to explore possibilities for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Exhibitors by business sector (FOOMA JAPAN 2011)Exhibitors by business sector (FOOMA JAPAN 2011)

Quantitative and Qualitative Drawing Power

More than 100,000 visitors per exhibition for 11 years in a row

FOOMA JAPAN drew more than 100,000 visitors per exhibition for the 11 years to 2010. The attendance slipped below 100,000 in 2011 on account of the Great East Japan Earthquake but was still impressive, at 89,813 visitors. And FOOMA JAPAN is poised to welcome more than 100,000 visitors again in 2012. Especially notable in recent years has been the rapidly growing number of visitors from Asia’s emerging markets.

More than 100,000 visitors per exhibition for 11 years in a row

Lots of decision makers on hand

Some 30% of the visitors at FOOMA JAPAN are of middle and senior management: individuals who wield authority to make decisions about things like purchasing and business collaborations. That means that negotiations can proceed swiftly and smoothly on-site at the exhibition.

Visitors by job description (FOOMA JAPAN 2011)Visitors by job description (FOOMA JAPAN 2011)

An Opportunity to Hear from a Diversity of Customers

A diverse cast of visitors

FOOMA JAPAN visitors represent an astonishing range of business sectors. Exhibitors and visitors therefore enjoy the opportunity to hear directly from the users of different products and services and to reach out to those users.

A diverse cast of visitors

Practical demonstrations

Augmenting the interchange between exhibitors and visitors are countless demonstrations with real equipment. The exhibitors receive feedback from the visitors that can be invaluable in product development and in cultivating business.

Visitors by business sector (FOOMA JAPAN 2011)Visitors by business sector (FOOMA JAPAN 2011)

Fully 94.1% of the survey respondents at FOOMA JAPAN 2011 reported that they had engaged in business talks at the exhibition.