Message from the Chairman

Welcome to FOOMA JAPAN 2011

社団法人 日本食品機械工業会 会長 尾上 昇

Noboru Onoe
Noboru Onoe
Japan Food Machinery
Manufacturers' Association

We at the Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers’ Association take pride inconvening FOOMA JAPAN 2011 from June 7 to 10 at Tokyo Big Sight. Our theme for the event, which will be the 34th FOOMA JAPAN exhibition, is Making a Delicious Future.

Providing people worldwide with safe, nutritious, and delicious food is a pressing issue in regard to health and as well as resources. The members of the food industry continue to tackle that issue by developing new technologies and new products and services. FOOMA JAPAN 2011 will highlight our progress toward Making a Delicious Future through those efforts.

As we contend with a stubbornly adverse economic environment, this is a good time to cultivate new business opportunities. Exhibitors and visitors at FOOMA JAPAN 2011 will encounter a wealth of opportunities to broaden their business horizons. We look forward to seeing you there!