Visitors' Valuation of FOOMA JAPAN


The FOOMA JAPAN exhibition again drew more than 100,000 visitors in 2010 despite the global economic downturn.

Number by Day (including overseas visitors, indicated in parentheses)

  2010 Date Weather Visitors
Day 1 June 8 (Tues.) cloudiness 20,399 (641)
Day 2 June 9 (Wed.) Rain after cloudy 26,458 (456)
Day 3 June 10 (Thurs.) Fine 28,033 (259)
Day 4 June 11 (Fri.) Fine after cloudy 27,761 (156)
TOTAL 102,651 (1,512)

Visitors, Valuation of FOOMA JAPAN

Q. Did you achieve the purpose of your visit?

Q. What responsibility do you fulfill at your company in regard to purchasing food processing equipment?

Q. At what stage is your company in regard topurchasing food processing equipment?